Friday, October 1, 2010

October's Big Plan

I try to set reasonable goals for myself - really, I do. As it turns out, I'm just not all that reasonable. It's a process.

So in the interest of, what else, imaginary points in the Harry Potter themed knitting game, I'm not going to go crazy in October. I'm going to focus on getting to 50% on both of my OWLs first, since that deadline is October 31. Meanwhile, pair of mini-socks is in order for my Reducio Sock swap partner and something else mini and inspired by Hogwarts teachers. I haven't come up with the right thing yet, however.

I'll also start these rockin socks in Hufflepuff black and yellow.


Sock photo courtesy of naztazia on flickr


I don't know if I'll finish them in October, but I can turn them in for Quidditch so I have until November 16 for that just in case. See? I'm sensible! That is an improvement.

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