Friday, October 8, 2010

Goodbye for now, Quidditch sweater

There comes a time when working on some projects when that nagging feeling of doubt finally cracks through and you realize that the project just isn't going to work. Sometimes it's that the gauge swatch lied and you're staring down a sweater that would better fit a cat or a train. Sometimes it's a little something you changed and it's not working. Sometimes it's that you fail at operating a tape measure to begin with. Sometimes it takes a while to realize that a v-neck looks great on a model and not so much in your wardrobe.

And sometimes it's a little of all of these, so with a heavy heart I have to report the death of my Quidditch sweater for this term. I'll never wear it if I keep knitting what I've got, and restarting now will sabotage my OWLs for the term with no guarantee of finishing anything. So after I autopsy the remains to determine cause of death, it will become a ball of yarn once again.

The Perpetrator.

In other news, I've finally picked up my Fireside Sweater (Herbology OWL) again. Only another couple inches before the bust shaping on the right front! And I'm into the "poles" section on the second squirrel mitten. Colorwork is fun to watch unfold.


And that's all my news!

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