Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hello, Mr. Turtle

In September's Potions class in the HPKCHC, the topic was beautifying potion and they were accepting repairs and sewing projects. I decided to repair a stuffed pillow creature that my mom made for me when I was a baby named Mr. Turtle. My turn-in post is here.

Well that doesn't look so bad.




That doctor (Doctor FRANKENSTEIN) should be sued for malpractice! (Sorry Mom! ;) )


Mr. Turtle just wants to go outside without shame. Or even stay inside without shame would do.


The supplies: a 99 cent pillow from Ikea and a pile of cotton flannel scraps of fabric.


First I cut apart the shoddy stitching holding parts of Mr. Turtle together that didn't belong together. Then I ironed 1/4inch hems down on the back side of flannel scraps to patch the holes on the top (less of a mess) side of Mr. Turtle. Then I pulled his old stuffing out and threw it into the trash, and stuffed the Ikea pillow into the giant freaking hole left behind by clipping the sutures of Dr. Frankenstein. I then pieced two panels of flannel scraps on my sewing machine to cover the giant holes, and used more single-piece patches to finish the job.

It took sixteen patches, hand-sewn with a needle and thread, to close all the holes. That is a LOT of beautification potion!! Hand-sewing is not a skill I am proficient with so I made up my own rules and made it as sturdy as I could.


Mr. Turtle's new back


Mr. Turtle's new belly


Hand-stitched, obviously, but it came out better than those Frankenstein sutures!


The two machine-pieced patches actually ended up overlapping a wee bit on Mr. Turtle. Double application of Beautification Potion ensures that the ugly will not shine through.


He's still smiling, but this time he means it.




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