Thursday, October 28, 2010

The State of the Stash: 2010 Reorganizing

At our last State of the Stash I'd bought a dresser to hold my overflow yarn. I don't think that my acquisitions have really taken up a lot of space since then, but I needed to organize again so I could find things.

So Paul found a roll of blank newsprint I'd stashed in the basement and I hauled every speck of yarn into the garage. Every bin and bag from the basement, every bag and box and all the yarn from the dresser. Every WIP. Every bit of spinning fiber. Even the bag of squares for the collaboration blanket I'm assembling. EVERYTHING.

Here it is as of Monday, all jumbled together because I had to borrow bins to carry in the dresser yarn and pile it up to get it all in one picture.

yarn stash as of Oct. 24, 2010

By Tuesday night it looked like this:


And my dresser was nicely organized again!

Scraps (on the left) and WIPs (on the right):


My prettypretty sock and other special yarns:


My fiber stash:


Now I just need to rearrange all the furniture in the craft room and swap out my desk for something smaller and I might as well mop while I'm in there..... busy busy!

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  1. Holy crud... I think my entire stash could fit in that green bin on top in the second picture (if not, that green bin plus the small bin on the far left). I don't know if I should be jealous of your large stash, or grateful that I don't have that much [because I don't have room for it, nor the time to knit it all; heck, I don't think I'll get through my current stash for at least two years]. Great job organizing though!