Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Quick, to the fair!

This year getting ready for the Altamont Fair was more stressful than ever before. I had work to do on all of my entries after the deadline and before the drop-off and with one last minute item swap, I made it. But I didn't get good before pictures of all of my items - in fact, some of them aren't even DONE in these. Next year, will be the year that I plan better, and this time I mean it.

Morticia in laceweight merino, with two colors of beads. 

The Sea Speaks to Me in my own laceweight handspun

Blue/purple 2-ply handspun 80% blue-faced leicester 20% silk 

Labyrinthine socks, with their ridiculous (and awesome) 5-color scalloped cast on

Laminaria in laceweight alpaca

Three Sisters Scarf #2 in a self-striping sock yarn. I actually knitted on this last year at the Altamont Fair as part of  a knitting demonstration. The scarf turned out rather long!
I am especially curious to see how the judging comes out on the first two, because they were in a category competing against each other.

So we'll see how it comes out this year. They are using a judging rubric that we get back for the first time so I'm looking forward to more feedback!