Tuesday, August 12, 2014

I did finish Mario, by the way

Here's Mario.


Here he is on his first outing to Starbucks to visit my knitting group.

mario at starbucks

And here he is being opened by my 7 year old son - this was his birthday gift, and I made the squares in front of him but did all the seaming and finishing while he was at school. So the blanket was a huge surprise.

mario video capture

He was a little lukewarm at first, because he thought I was giving him a learn-to-knit kit. Oh, honey.... this is crochet. Totally different. He does love and appreciate it, now.

This blanket is one of nine items I entered into the fair this year. I'm curious to find out if the blanket will be up on the wall or skirting a Christmas tree off in the corner, but I won't find out until Saturday (unless my incessant scouring of media for pictures yields a spoiler). Winning ribbons would be great of course, but I'm hoping for some feedback on my handspun yarn. Well, that and of course beginning my quest for world domination at the spinning bee on Saturday.