Wednesday, October 6, 2010

WIP Wednesday October 6

It's already the 6th of October, and with Rhinebeck coming up in less than two weeks I came up with an idea to work up some yarn, fast, to help achieve my goal of more yarn out than in for the last four months of 2010. I'm making a couple things (like the giraffe) for a friend to auction to raise money for her run for charity. I made a star blanket a few years ago for Spike in the car and decided to make one in purpley colors for auction. Nevermind how far behind I am on my OWLs - inspiration struck and there was no stopping it!

I did at least manage to finish one squirrel mitten and start the next. No thumbs yet. But I FINISHED (sort of) THE FIRST MITTEN!!!!!


Clockwise from the squirrel mitten we have mitten #2 just cast on, the beginnings of a square for the collaborative square project, the purpley star, a wavey Hufflepuff sock that is not coming out as well as I'd hoped, then my spinning progress (not much) and a traveling scarf for which I knit the section on the top.

In other news, my husband has a cold that has kept him home from work yesterday and today, and the kids and I aren't feeling so hot either. But we're coping and eating good food and taking our vitamins, so I hope it blows over quickly. This past weekend I was cooking up a storm. I made tomato sauce, apple sauce, pasta from scratch, and yesterday I made banana applesauce muffins and tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch. It's been chilly and rainy for days - who knows what I'll cook up next?

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