Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ancient Runes OWL, Fall 2010

In the HPKCHC the three-month projects are called OWLs, in reference to the big exams of fifth year students in the Harry Potter series. There is a set of guidelines by subject and to achieve an OWL in the subject you have to propose and complete a project that takes longer than one month but less than three months and that presents a personal challenge.

This term I'm proposing two OWL projects, and I'm reposting my proposals here. They were both approved and now I just have to make them...

Ancient Runes – Students are expected to decipher obscure markings with ease.
Option 1: Craft something using an intricately charted design. Weavers – weave something with an intricate pattern.
Option 2: Craft something that contains 5 or more letters and/or symbols.

I am Needlesnswiffers of Hufflepuff, proposing an OWL in Ancient Runes.

I intend to complete the Swedish Squirrelly Mittens, which is a free pattern here on Ravelry. The pattern is entirely charted except for the 17 rounds of 1x1 ribbing which is turned under and sewn down inside the mitten.

I have chosen Knit Picks Palette in can’t-remember-pink and tag’s-under-the-couch-purple, and will be using these lovely size 1/2.25mm dpns at least until I get a sock off my long circular needle, which may not happen for the duration of this OWL anyway.

I plan to first make one mitten and then the other mitten. While I have every intention of making one left and one right, I hate to be tied down like that so we’ll just say two mittens, just in case.

My swatch took me much longer than I anticipated, which is why my proposal is on page 14 or worse instead of page 1. One can only hope that it doesn’t mean my mittens will take 14 times longer than I anticipate, but one never knows. These are the OWLs, baby.


Thank you for your time.

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