Wednesday, February 1, 2012

WIP Wednesday, February 1, 2012

..... February. I thought January would never end and yet I'm surprised to see February here so soon. What's up with that?

This week I have more exciting things to post about for WIP Wednesday. First a stitch marker, one of a pair, that I made to go along with a test knit that I can't show you. It's sparkley and gold and silver and red and very Gryffindor. Plus I used little bitty jump rings and nothing bad happened. This could be the beginning of a beautiful thing.


Waaaaaaay bigger than life sized.

So, the test knit. I can't show you. I can't tell you anything really, except this is fingering weight yarn and a typical sock skein in the 450 yard range should make this when it's published. The beads I bought on Monday, thereby making Spike a little late to preschool (so sorry, education system!) are artfully draped over the top of the yarn cake.  I put special effort into my staging as you can tell by the random crap in the background including my can of seltzer and distinct lack of ability to see the knitted object.

I mean... it's in this picture.....



When my hands need to go and I don't have the mind power for a chart, I'm still picking up my two-color not-noro striped scarf. The yarn is Lion Brand Amazing and I have to say, it's a good name for the yarn because it IS.

Colors are Rainforest and Mesa. It's for my husband to own and for me to steal borrow. I mean, for my husband.

Last weekend we rearranged some furniture and took out the futon that has been in the yarn room for a long time. It went upstairs to the playroom so I could bring in my sewing table!!!!!

It folds up for sleeping as well. Paul found this by the side of the road. It is in excellent condition and I'm really excited to sew. 

Now with TWO screens. You guys. It is made of win.


We also reorganized the stash a little bit.


.... and that's it for today!