Thursday, September 30, 2010

Gentle as a Giraffe

It started as a joke.

Over on Ravelry, someone asked for a suggestion on entertaining kids in the car. One person suggested the quiet game, in which the winner was the person who stayed quiet the longest (the hope being that the kids fall asleep and everybody wins). Someone else suggested that the kids pretend to be giraffes, since they are not known to be particularly loud animals. A plan was hatched to have a bunch of people make giraffes for House Cup classes in September, since we Hufflepuffs have a completely undeserved reputation for quietly munching away on leaves in the corner.

Classes were posted and we got to work crafting a story to fit a stampeding herd of giraffes into magical assignments. History of Magic was the target, which asked us to craft something inspired by a magical part of the structure of Hogwarts. The stampede began last weekend and I still only had half a giraffe. I finally finished the little guy yesterday, so I said he was hiding in a freezer (which also explains why he is blue).




Spike may object, but this little giraffe is not destined to live here with us. I'm donating him to raise money for a friend doing Team in Training for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.