Friday, February 4, 2011

January Stashdown Report

It's that time again, the day of reckoning between the stash and me.

I finished ten projects in January, eight of which counted for yarn out for the month. The other two were spinning projects, and like in 2010 I am just not going to count handspun as yarn in.


Of course now that I'm making a specific effort to write about everything I finish, we've already seen all the yarn out into projects! I also sent a ball of yarn to someone who contacted me on Ravelry looking for a single skein to finish a project.

January and Year-to-Date Yarn out: 3293 yards

But what did I get in January? I got some yarn to seam a blanket (630 yards).


I got my January Alina Shea Creations Yarn Club shipment, a laceweight alpaca that is oh so very soft (800 yards).


On the same day, I received my Knit Picks shipment with yarn for Paul's sweater that he requested (1644 yards and how could I say no to that?).


And since I was already there shopping, this little skein of lace jumped home with me too (Alpaca Cloud in Tango Heather, 440 yards).


In theory it looks pretty good.

January and Year-to-Date Yards In: 3514 yards.

Okay, I didn't need the hot red alpaca. But it's darn pretty.

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