Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Project 7: Broadripple Socks

Considering the amount of sock yarn I possess I am not much of a sock knitter, although I am working on changing that. I couldn't pass up socks designed to work with a yarn I had in stash and made on size 3 needles (usually I work socks on a size 1 needle, this yarn is much thicker) and these didn't disappoint. In ten days of fairly monogamous knitting, I have a very cute pair of socks!


Freaky lighting not necessarily included.

The yarn in this pattern was just..... perfect. Which I guess was the point of designing the pattern for this yarn, but still. It's satisfying to see it happen.


Pattern: Broadripple Socks, free pattern from Knitty

Yarn: Cascade Fixation Spray Dyed color 9245, kind of a red-pink-purple

Needles: size us3 (3.25mm) aluminum dpns

Yardage: 160 yards (1.6 balls of yarn)

Mods: none, other than inadvertantly picking up one stitch too many on the gusset (due to one repeat too many on the heel flap) so I had to decrease it away, then repeat it on the second sock. I also knit the foot a little longer and the toe a little shorter, grafting 16 and 16 stitches at the toe instead of 10.

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