Wednesday, February 9, 2011

WIP Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Here I am! I'm not even sure that I did work on my Celeste Shawl this past week, but I thought I'd better throw it in just in case.

2011-02-09 15.11.09.jpg

Other stars of this show are the well-rested Mermaidia Socks in blue-green up at the top, now only a cuff and picot bindoff away from the end.

My other OWL is the sweater masquerading here as green stringy blobs, which are a complete back and about 2/3 of a cardigan front. The pocket lining is worked overlapping with the sweater and the seams are sewn up after, so it looks like a giant hole because right now it is.

In the middle we have my latest obsession, Spillyjane's Camilla Mittens (free pattern). Some bright person pointed out that Spillyjane is having a giveaway, and everyone who knits a pair of Camillas and emails her a picture gets one of her (paid) patterns for free. I've been meaning to give some of her designs a try and this seems like a great opportunity!

I've also been spinning again... (BFL, attempting a laceweight??)

2011-02-09 15.43.16.jpg

having finally cleared some yellow wool off the bobbins. As soon as I get it washed, the handspun and another finished project will be making an appearance!

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