Monday, February 21, 2011

Project 12: Hurley Yellow Handspun

I finally finished up this spinning project that I started way back in November!


This is Younger Yarn Superwash roving in the Hurley colorway.  I used bits of this fiber for learning different techniques, so some went into a 2-ply that I used an Andean bracelent technique to ply back in November:


Some went into the chain-ply practice from the spinning class I took last November, with some mixed in red fiber from my neighbor in order to see what I was doing a bit easier:


And finally I spun the rest of the roving up into singles, which I got around to chain plying during the Super Bowl.  Since the yarn was ridiculously overtwisted I ran it back through the wheel using my biggest whorl (4.5:1, same as plying) to try to correct it a bit.  I think it actually came out about right!!



pre-washed = 113.66 yards

The fiber:


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