Monday, September 20, 2010

Random Monday

1. Sooooooooo anybody from the HPKCHC reading this knows that there was a bit of a kerfluffle a week ago leading to some House Cuppers leaving the game. It's been discussed pretty thoroughly on Ravelry so I'll leave it at that, but I do want to mention that I was promoted from Groundskeeper to Deputy Headmistress. Yes, that makes me the second-in-command so to speak at the wizard-themed internet knitting and crochet school game. I'm happy to have the position, sad about how I got it, and ready to carry on. So on we go!

2. I was interviewed for the HPKCHC blog a few days before the kerfluffle, and the interview was published yesterday. Check it out!

3. Look! Pretties!!


Four new rovings from Younger Yarn!! Clockwise from upper left: Holyhead Harpies Superwash, Coraline Punta, Reserved for Stephanie (that's me!!) Superwash, and Hurley Superwash. I'm happy and sad that I'm kind of a slow spinner because it will take me forever to see what yarns these will be, but I'll get to savor them that much longer...

4. I finally got going on my Quidditch sweater this weekend. It's just a generic formula raglan pattern, but the color scheme is going to make it look like the House Sweater from the book Charmed Knits (which - and I know this is a shock - I don't actually own).


My raglan is top-down and I'm doing a v-neck, so after one false start I'm a couple inches down from the top already. I don't really know what I'm doing and I'm just being brave and going for it.

5. My two OWLs (the bigger three month projects) are going okay so far. OWL check-in day for my house is Friday, and here is my progress from then.


As you can see, the squirrels ARE looking at me!

6. I'm collecting and contributing some squares to a group project. Everybody who wants to makes some squares and sends them to me, I lay them out into two blankets, send one pile of squares to my co-conspirator, and then we each make one blanket for two particular people. Even though I really, really did not need to, I bought some more yarn to make some squares.


Plymouth Happy Feet and Brown Sheep Cotton Fine

I've gotten five squares made so far. Lots more to go!

7. Traveling scarves are fun!! The idea is that you start a scarf, put it on waste yarn, and send it to someone who adds a section and then sends it on, on and on until it makes a complete circuit. Meanwhile you receive, add to, and send scarves that belong to other people. My traveling scarf group is the yarn club from Alina Shea Creations.

I started my scarf:


And here's the section I knit on the next scarf:


I'm particularly proud of this section. The yarn is from a sweater I unraveled and dyed myself. The pink was done with food coloring and the brown was done with onion skins. I alternated yarns by rows by using a circular needle and (from the perspective of the RIGHT side) worked with pink right to left, then brown right to left, then pink left to right, then brown left to right. If I wanted to do plain stockinette like this, I'd knit pink, then knit brown, then purl pink , then purl brown. The lace pattern was written in the usual right to left, left to right fashion, so I had to follow the directions backwards for every other row. It took some tinking and fiddling but I did it!!

8. I also sent along some squares to the next person in my circle, GazeboGal, who is collecting 4"x4" squares to make a blanket (rav link) that depicts a pixelated view of the earth from space. I told her I had some blue and green yarn that would fit and she told me she had two spots for blue and green yarn!


They're squares. They're even the same size. I promise!!


  1. HOW do you do this with little cherubs floating around?

  2. What colors are you using for the House Sweater? I mean, which house? I'm doing the Quidditch Sweater for... guess what? Quidditch. And Gryffindor... Of course
    I know, cliché, but I WANT it.

  3. @ Amanda: I take a project everywhere I go. Half a round waiting for pre-school to let out, a little something while waiting for pasta water to boil, it all adds up. Sloooooowly.

    @ Angie: I'm using Slytherin colors, even though I'm a Hufflepuff. They seemed to be the best choice to be HPish in the right context and also just normal colors in the right context. :D