Wednesday, September 29, 2010

WIP Wednesday September 29

It's WIP Wednesday, which means time to pull out everything I've worked on in the past week and show off my progress.


Wow... that's pretty awful! Okay - upper right corner is Mr. Turtle. He is a pillow creature my mom made out of a ruined bedspread and socks when I was a baby. For this month's Potions class we're supposed to beautify something, and I'm beautifying Mr. Turtle by taking out the frankenseams he's acquired, replacing his stuffing, and patching his holes.

The two blue cylinders are just under my spindle, which doesn't really show a lot of spinning progress but it's there. Unfortunately the singles on each tube (yes, those are toilet paper tubes, I am so classy) are pretty different thicknesses. I don't know what to do about that. My big plan of the moment is to eventually create a proper 3-ply yarn with two plies of the blue "colonial top" and one ply of the tussah silk I got this past weekend. I'm a newer spinner so any advice is greatly appreciated!!

Squirrel mitten is representing down on the bottom there... no progress since my last picture actually.

The purple bizarro shape is my Mythos Cardigan. I finished shaping the front finally because I needed the longer needle cord for my Quidditch sweater, which I realized I forgot to add to this picture. I have only managed a few rows since last week anyway. Mythos is coming along, but will be set aside for a bit to catch up on my deadline knitting now.

Finally, yet another square for the secrety group blanket thingy is in there. That's actually finished but I threw it in anyway. I realized I needed another pattern to use my squares for Flying homework this month so that I'd have three different stitch patterns and had to think fast!

Overall, not a lot of visible progress here, but I did finish a few things - details to come!

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