Monday, September 27, 2010

Squirrelly Intentions

Fall in the Northeastern US means, among other things, fiber festival season. For a crafter such as myself who has done plenty of shopping and not enough catching up with the stash, it's a test of my willpower. I tested myself at the Southern Adirondack Fiber Festival two days ago, and would you believe that I consider this a success?


The blue and green orb is 5 oz of Romney wool from Descansamos Fibers. Continuing clockwise along the perimeter, we have some Watercolors from The Periwinkle Sheep in teal, memories of summer, stonewash denim, and memories of summer which the ever-fabulous Karin had marked down (what can I say? I'm a fan!). The blue skein between memories of summer and the blue-green orb is a skein of sport weight superwash from Sliver Moon Farms in Indigo. The last two items were the shiny ball of tussah silk to spin (a little under two ounces) from Eastside Weavers and a 4oz twist of Susan's Spinning Bunny Polwarth fiber in Autumn Sunset. This booth had little spun up samples of their fiber braids and the sample totally sold me on this one. I wanted to get some different fibers to spin and I have quite the collection of merino, anonymous wools, and blends, so the Romney, Polwarth and tussah silk will be great experience I hope!

The festival itself was great. It wasn't very crowded, had nice wide walkways, and so many vendors that I don't think I even saw them all. The weather was also great - not too hot, and just breezy enough to make it feel okay to buy wool but not need a jacket.

In other news, the squirrel mitten is coming along. It is. It's just.... hard to tell.


The end of September is coming up fast and classes are due for the HPKCHC. I have a giraffe to sew together and a pre-approved sewing repair project to finish before Thursday.

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