Thursday, September 23, 2010

WIP Wednesday

Yes.... it's Thursday. I ran out of Wednesday. I'll have to order more hours in my Wednesday next week!


See how much nicer they look with a real camera instead of my camera phone!!!!

So, let's see.... clockwise from the top - we have a brown on brown spiral hat for my husband (spiral to come), squirrel mitten coming along, my spindle, the blue tubey blob is an amigurumi giraffe in progress, and the grey blob is my Quidditch sweater.

It's no wonder it takes me so long to make one thing - these are just my WIPs that I've worked on in the past week. There are many more!


  1. *scurries off to locate Squirrel Mitten pattern*

    And I understand the "why does it take so long?" I mean, really, my shrug would be done, except for the hat, the tie, and the socks...!

  2. Yes!! And, I mean, I'd hate to get bored with something and *be forced to finish it*!!