Monday, July 11, 2011

Herbology OWL, Spring 2011

In the HPKCHC the three-month projects are called OWLs, in reference to the big exams of fifth year students in the Harry Potter series. There is a set of guidelines by subject and to achieve an OWL in the subject you have to propose and complete a project that takes longer than six weeks but less than three months and that presents a personal challenge.

Herbology – Students should be able to easily manipulate organic materials.
Option 1: Knit or crochet an adult-size sleeved garment with multiple cables or an afghan with multiple cables. Garments usually must have at least one complex cable that travels the entire length of both the front and the back body AND at least one complex cable that travels the length of the sleeves, OR more extensive and complex cables in either of these areas. Please note that these are guidelines. The Examiners are looking for projects that demonstrate the student’s ability to follow mutiple cables. Think: all-over cabling.
Option 2: Create an item using freeform knitting or crochet.
Option 3: Spinners – spin a minimum of 600 yds of plant fiber into a plied yarn which is spun and finished in ways appropriate to the medium (meaning no drifting apart cotton singles, no stiff-as-sticks linen, etc.).
Option 4: Spinners – Spin at least 8 oz of fiber into a cabled yarn.

Name: Needlesnswiffers
House: Slytherin - first time I got to type this!!
Year: Sixth
OWL and option: Herbology Option #1 - cabled sweater
Project/Pattern(s): Cassidy
Sequence & Challenge: I intend to complete the sweater in the order the pattern suggests (back, fronts, sleeves, hood) but would like to retain the privilege to adjust this order as necessary and possible. Regarding challenges, this is my second attempt at a Herbology OWL. My first attempt had me run out of time with big chunky cables and chunky yarn. This pattern has demure little cables, lots of them, and uses a worsted weight yarn. Time will be my biggest challenge.
50% Mark: Based on the following percentages, I hope to present 50% of a sweater before the end of June.
30% back
25% fronts
20% sleeves
5% button bands
8% hood
12% finishing work
Photos of Supplies and Swatch
Seven balls of Cascade 220 superwash!

(I have four more in a different dyelot if needed too)
This is my swatch, and you can see the pattern on the screen of my computer.

As far as sweaters go, I’ve finished one adult sweater and it was my Muggle Studies OWL last term. The list of shame of my unfinished sweaters is …. it’s long.
Thank you for your consideration!
ETA: This swatch was made with a size 7 needle! :D

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