Monday, July 26, 2010

Ten Minutes A Day

Spinning is a new skill for me, and of course with any new activity practice helps get you where you want to go. I made myself a goal to spin for at least ten minutes per day in July to help me learn. I mentioned that I was spinning up some of the Punta roving in Charlie Pace from Younger Yarn.


So far, I've spun up 0.6oz into a two-ply yarn. I'm really ridiculously proud of my 31 yards so far. I wanted to see how my spinning held up as a yarn before getting too far through my lovely fiber!


The colors are more true in the first picture on my screen.

Once I had it skeined up and washed, I decided to try out a different fiber - some wool/mohair (I think 85/15 blend) Colonial top from my LYS. I think this top may be distributed by a larger company because I've seen it or something like it around the LYS and a few times over at WEBS. It's basically blue but there are streaks of red and other colors running along as well. Whatever it is, it's pretty.



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