Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A little green cheer

Apparently I'm going through a green phase.

Back in May my parents were visiting for a week, and a day or two into the visit my mom scanned me up and down and said, "I never knew you liked green so much!" I'm more of a grab-what's-clean kind of dresser these days so I looked myself up and down and answered, "Neither did I!" But I was wearing green capris, green and yellow sandals from Simple Shoes, and a striped tank top with, you guessed it, a few shades of green involved.

Flash forward to about a week ago when I was back home from my appendectomy and decided there was no time like the present to order myself some yarn. Cindi at Left Coast Yarns is one of my fellow house prefects in the Harry Potter Knit & Crochet House Cup and I found something yummy over in her shop - Forbidden Forest in an 80/20 merino nylon blend that is really soft!


I knew my Alina Shea Yarn Club shipment would be shipping soon and Shannon is wonderful enough to combine packages if you buy something (with the 10% club discount!) close to club shipping time. SPOILERS AHEAD! Better stop scrolling now if you haven't gotten yours yet!

I grabbed a skein of Waxing Moon, which is the Crescent Moon base I adore but with 20% nylon instead of 100% merino. This color is Dark Pond.


I was also drawn in by the new Boomba Lace laceweight base, a washable 80% merino/20% bamboo blend. Two skeins will make a lovely lightweight cardigan.


This month's club yarn is a 65% merino/35% bamboo blend called Grassy Feet and the colorway is Summer Fun. It really rounded out my very green package.


I also got this fiber to spin (wool and firestar for sparkle!) which really isn't green at all. Oh well, something had to give.


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  1. Mwa! I feel almost like someone famous or something. I'm really glad you like them all. ♥