Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Project 24: Fluffy Pink Scarf

A while back I discovered a charity called Handmade Especially For You.  They provide handmade scarves for abused women in shelters, originally in California but chapters have sprung up all over.  They also have a lot of donated yarn, so the people who run the charity set up yarn kits for garter stitch scarves already with doubled yarn wound up to match on both ends.  This scarf is from one of their kits.


The organizers want every scarf to have something "fancy" and, having several of these kits, I guess that fancy means furry.  Hey... why not?  Fun fur is fun, after all!

Estimated 120 yards, doubled, so 240 yards of yarn.  Even though these kits are not yarn that I consider mine, I do work with the yarn and so I am counting the yardage as yarn out.  It is going out of the house!


  1. :D Did you count it as yarn in? :D

    Karma for knitting for charity!

  2. You know, I don't think I did count it as yarn in. Of course it was in 2010 and that year was as doomed as the Titanic stash-wise. Plus, I figure at some point it becomes stash just by being here long enough, even though it never belongs to me. It's occupying space at my house. :D