Tuesday, March 15, 2011

February Stashdown Report

The fruits of February!

IMG_5682IMG_5821IMG_6061IMG_5826IMG_6049 cropped


On February 2 we had a snow day and Paul disappeared off to an unknown hiding place, returning with the Dogwood Blossoms Sweater Kit (4620 yards). Holy Guacamole, some day when I am good enough at this knitting thing to make this sweater, it is going to be glorious.


Shannon/ShaylaMyst, the woman behind Alina Shea Creations, surprised me by letting me choose some goodies out of her shop as a thank you for being her very first customer just over a year ago. (1350 yards)  In the package she included a skein of her own handspun as well.  (430 yards)


Then we had an event in the House Cup one weekend, and a bunch of the affiliated vendors had sales...

Hermione Jean Creations got me with the Gryffin Sock base, which has gold stellina.  WOW.

Spiked Butterbeer Gryffin Sock (438 yards)


Sugar Quills Superwash Merino (462 yards)


Solfjader's Nystverket/EvFa had laceweight alpaca/silk (875 yards) that positively glows,


and merino fiber that feels like petting a kitten.  I don't think that anything I own is this soft.  Evfa, I'll be back!


And finally, a little sale was all the push I needed to go tumbling down the path to Nerd Girl Yarns.

Tenth Doctor in Bounce and Stomp, a dyed on demand order. (463 yards)


Kale in Heart You (490 yards)



Alina Shea Creations Yarn Club's offering for February was gorgeous, as always (420 yards):


Then I went shopping.  There were both sales and coupons involved.

Night one (2655.5 yards):


Night two (1366 yards):


You may notice that there's something different about this month's stashdown report - no totals.  I know what they are and the numbers are right there so you can know too, but I've decided that I'm really selling myself short on the beauty of the things I make and the yarn I buy.  And yes... I am way behind.


  1. Heehee. I like this stash-down. Lots of lovelies knitted... and lots of pretty additions!!

    (Really wishing I'd made it to Hogsmeade weekend, it looks like it was a blast! Probably safer for my exploding stash-room that I didn't, though...)

  2. I think you should give up on the stash down report and just feel the yarny love.