Monday, March 7, 2011

Project 15: BFL Swamp Thing Handspun

Here comes more handspun!


This is BFL from the big fluffy ball that came free with purchase of my wheel from The Spinning Room.  Spike and I dyed it back in November while stalking the windows for the UPS man we knew would be bringing the wheel.  Today's spinning is from the braid on the left.


I worked on spinning it as thinly as I could, which when plied turned out to be a light fingering weight yarn.  In 57 grams, I got 272 yards of 2-ply after it was washed and gently thwacked and laid flat to dry.


I'm ridiculously proud of this skein.

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  1. love(lots)

    I wasn't a fan of the bright green ball of fluff, but spun up, it looks LOVELY! :-D