Monday, January 17, 2011

Project 6: Black Fiber from Pacasha

When I got my wheel last November Pacasha sent me a little package including some mystery fiber, telling me to use it to practice chain plying or something. So when the time came to start a new spinning project in 2011 I knew what to go for and go for it I did!


Pacasha has since elaborated that this is about 2.5 oz of Brown Sheep mill ends fiber, so I'm guessing that the content is a wool/mohair blend.


I did end up spinning it into a continuous single and then chain plying. I overspun it in plying and ended up running it back through the wheel to take some of the twist out, which ended up making most of it just right and a little of it underspun. The singles were nice and tight though so I think it will hold up okay in a project. Now I just have to figure out what to make with it!! It's quite a nice looking skein - it looks like real yarn.

87 yards
10 wpi, which Ravelry tells me is between a worsted and dk... I'd say worsted

The fiber:


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