Friday, January 14, 2011

December Stashdown Report and Final Summary

December - the month that's a whirlwind, and before you know it it's over. I bought yarn on December 1 and that was actually my last purchase through today. I'm trying not to pay too much attention to the accomplishment lest I ruin it just to spite myself.

Of course, December 1 was a busy day with some lovely laceweight and some other goodies half off.

So, we'll see how long this streak goes. I'm not counting my Alina Shea club yarns as purchases, not only because the payment for 3 months was prior to Dec 1 (I think) but also just because.

December yarn in: 4,544 yards
December yarn out: 103 yards .... dismal

September to December challenge in: 22,437 yards
September to December challenge out: 3,846.2 yards
Break Even in 18,590.8 yards

2010 Final Yarn In: 71,295.25 yards
2010 Final Yarn Out: 15,801.8 yards
2010 Yarn In - Yarn Out: 55,493.45 yards

Errrr. Maybe it will look better as a graph?

2010 stash overall

Hmmm. Nope. That green line was supposed to be on top of the blue line. Those equations on the side there boil down to saying that on average I used up 44.3 yards of yarn per day and on average gained 197.65 yards per day. That's the most sobering statistic of all, I think.

Biggest Yarn-In Day: November 22; 99 cent skeins of wool = downfall to the tune of 7,360 yards
Biggest Yarn-Out Day: March 29; finished a blanket 3,531 yards

In 2011, I am choosing to focus on what I accomplish instead of the negative side of what's coming home with me, because this tactic didn't exactly help in 2010. S0! The new for 2011 goals: make lots of stuff, don't worry about buying yarn, but I think I will keep up the reporting. I really like spreadsheets. If I see something that I want to buy, that's fine. If I don't that's fine too. I'm wondering how long I can go...

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