Thursday, November 11, 2010

WIP Wednesday November 10

I'm running a day late everywhere, so here goes yesterday....

I've been mostly focused on my Herbology OWL sweater sleeves, which seem to be completely endless. I measured them here to prove to myself that all my knitting is really going somewhere.... eventually.... I only have until the 20th to get these sweater pieces done for my sweater finishing lesson. EEEK.



At least there are two of them going at once, so when they're done they will match and BOTH be done!

I did finish spinning a little lump of fiber into a single on the bobbin. I guess I need to work a bit on bobbin management. Spinning on the wheel goes so quickly I don't notice that I've made a leaning tower of singles in one spot!


Craft room reorganization is still going on to make the room more useful. I do have two lovely assistants.





Luckily Paul installed some shelves for me well out of reach of the kids for the super fun toys, like scissors, pins, and knitting needles.

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  1. I figured out that I don't like the cap of my Herbology OWL-sweater sleeves, so I'll be frogging a wee bit this weekend. Because, you know, re-knitting sleeves is SO much fun.

    Good luck finishing yours up!