Thursday, November 4, 2010

October Stashdown Report

It's that time again, the monthly stash reckoning where I try not to worry too much about my swiftly growing stash and we all laugh because clearly I'm nuts. Ready? Ready!

October had the potential to be a disaster because of Rhinebeck, but it actually went pretty well. My salvation this month was that some of the yarn I bought at Rhinebeck was a gift and I gave some other yarn away as well.

October yarn in: 4,428 yards (Rhinebeck, yarn club, and one 1,000 yard splurge early in the month)
October yarn out: 1,847.6 yards

September to December challenge in: 8,903 yards
September to December challenge out: 2,640.9 yards
Break Even in 6,262.1 yards

Year-to-date in: 57,761.25 yards
Year-to-date out: 14,596.5 yards

So how am I going to finish up 6,200 yards worth of projects in the last two months of the year? Let me see.... I've got at least 250 yards in the Squirrel Mittens and 1500 yards in the Fireside Sweater, so that covers my OWLs. That leaves 4,450 yards. Spike's sweater will be about 500, the Holden Shawlette another 400 or so, and another 250 or so for another shawlette I have planned. Zee needs a hat (~75) and probably a spare for throwing (~75). A couple traveling scarf pieces (~40 each) and some yarn for seaming up a blanket (no idea) and we've really taken a bite out of the total. It's still crazy, but it's possible.

At least that's what I'm telling myself.

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