Monday, August 16, 2010

Vacation Mode

So I went on vacation with my family last week, a real vacation with extra relatives and the beach and out-of-the-ordinary foods and everything. I had this plan to write blogs and publish them during the week, and I didn't do it. I had my computer with me and on day 2 I received a text message from a friend telling me that she was getting email spam from me. I changed all my passwords from another computer and that seemed to do the trick, but I know I have a virus on my machine so for the time being I can't go back.

In both good and bad news, I've got a desktop in my craft room. The good news is that I can still communicate with the outside world inside the computer box. The bad news is that in here with my drying rack full of partial quilts and my dresser full of yarn I'm finding plenty of distractions from communication, like actually crafting. Maybe I'll get the sewing machine revved up. Maybe I'll send off some squares to charity that have been piling up. The ideas are flowing and the kids are entertained and the materials are handy. Anything can happen.

The worst news, though, is that there won't be new decent pictures until the virus computer is fixed. Maybe. There's a card reader I haven't explored just yet, and I may yet improve my skill with the cell phone camera!

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