Wednesday, August 4, 2010

July Stashdown Report

Well no two ways about it, July was hard. First it was hot. Then I had to have my appendix removed because it was staging a rebellion. Nevermind the keeping up with life that carries on even when the mom is sick. July was my last month of three months cold sheeping (not buying any new yarn, hardy har har) during which I managed to buy yarn every single month.

But before I throw myself a pity party for buying too much yarn - me, a person who has actually been nicknamed "Yarn" hence the name of this blog - I think it's important to note three things. One, I like yarn. Yarn makes me happy. I love the potential I see in every skein and it's a joy I feel every time I see it. Yarn is a keepsake. Yarn is a comfort. Yarn can be anything. Two, I have a spreadsheet I've been using to track my yarn in and out all year long. Spreadsheets make it easy to have graphs, and graphs make it easy to calculate trend lines (see where this is going??). Yes, I acquired plenty of yarn in May, June, and July, but it was a lot less than if I'd kept up my previous rate. I'm trying hard not to think about the fact that in this case, yards vs. date, the slope of the line is the average acquired yards per day. Three, cold sheeping makes me feel constrained. It makes me want to rebel. I know different strategies work for different people, and although I bought less I was supposed to not buy any except the monthly club yarn, and that didn't happen.

It's interesting to me to see my own habits boiled down to bare numbers. If nothing else, I'm learning a lot about myself, my crafting speed, and how long I'll cling to hope on what already looks like a rather hopeless goal!

July yarn in: 2,370 yards
July yarn out: 1,107.9 yards
Year-to-date in: 34,368.75yards
Year-to-date out: 11,568.6 yards

Only 22,800.15 yards left to break even.

I'm going to a meetup at WEBS tomorrow. August looks to be a very productive month. I wonder how it will all add up - I guess we'll find out together.

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  1. Yarn is a Good Thing. (And it doesn't sound like you've hit the "needs a storage unit for the yarn" point, so you're fine!!)