Monday, August 23, 2010

Second Place!

I entered the Spinning Bee competition at the Altamont Fair this weekend. The object was to see who could spin the longest continuous single in 30 minutes, and there was a prize for both spindle and wheel categories. As I learned afterwards, there was also a third category for spinners who didn't sign up with the fair officials ahead of time, for ribbons and glory. I spun 17 yards in 30 minutes, which is pretty good since I've only been spinning about two months, and for my efforts I actually earned a second place ribbon in the latecomer category! Of course, there was only one other person in the category and she took first. But still, I went and managed to make yarn and that's actually an accomplishment.

Second Place

There's always next year...


  1. I want to see what you spun!!!

  2. It's the cream-colored wiggly thing in the picture. I know I need a better picture but camera + computer = mess right now so this is what I've got for the moment. :(

  3. Woohoo! Ribbons, yay! Have you made the keep-for-posterity/knit into something decision yet?