Saturday, January 16, 2010

Just for fun

Here's a look at some more of my finished projects from around the holidays.

These are potholders sized for kids that I made using my usual potholder pattern, but less of it and double crochets instead of singles. I made them with some TLC Essentials I had kicking around in the stash, color "Oasis". These were for the kids of the Whoscarf friends. Ravelry page here.

Thanksgiving and Whoscarf 142

A friend of my husband's got married this year, and as favors at their wedding reception they gave out bottles of wine. I used the cork from the bottle to make a Korknisse, which we named Corky, for their Christmas tree.

English pattern here. Ravelry page here.


This was a quick, scrappy project that I think came out looking great. It's another free pattern called Weaved Hotpad, available as a Ravelry download. Ravelry page here.


I made a few Spiral Scrubbies as gifts as well. This one was my favorite, though. They work up very quickly and I could keep the yarn and crochet hook right in my purse while running around in the month of December. Doctor's office, grocery store, post office .... wherever I was, there was almost guaranteed to be a scrubbie with me too. Ravelry page here.


I also made a couple of these cool Garterlac Dishcloths. Ravelry page here. If you've never tried entrelac knitting, this was a fun, easy, and best of all small introduction!


I highly recommend the entrelac cast-on if you are going to try this. I thought a loose long tail cast-on would be okay, but the edge just wouldn't stretch quite far enough. The entrelac cast-on is a little fiddly only because you use a crochet hook and a knitting needle. I think it's totally worth it!

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