Monday, March 1, 2010

What next??

I took the opportunity during the Ravelympics to wrap up a few things that had been rattling around in my brain or WIP basket for far too long. I ripped out six partial projects that I just didn't love anymore or would have a better future as something else.


I crocheted an adult-sized pair of socks for the first time.


I finished the knitting on a WIP that I started last October, the marathon Saoirse Shawl. I still need to sew the pieces together, weave in the ends, and send it for a dip in some warm water, but for Ravelympics purposes the project is done, done, done, finally at last it is done! Finished photos to come, of course.

I overdyed two types of Brown Sheep yarn, a skein of Lamb's Pride Bulky and a skein of Nature Spun. Unfortunately, in photographs it's practically impossible to tell that the yarns are now both deeper blue all over and have new purple splotches. It isn't what I was going for, but I like it. I might dye it again though and go for more purple so it doesn't look quite as much like an accident.

Bulky Before and After


Nature Spun Before and After

I also dyed a 50g skein of sock yarn that I just love. I used yellow and orange food coloring. Spike has stolen this skein to put on my sweater drying rack twice - I guess he likes it too. This skein's fate is with a skein of black in colorwork, but I'm not sure what just yet - maybe Endpaper Mitts.


And for one of the designer events, I wrote down the pattern for some crochet mitts I made in January. I want to have it tested before releasing it into the wild, but the part where I get the initial thoughts onto a page is done. Pictures and making sure other people understand it, well, I have no idea how much of a challenge that will be...

So what's next? I'll be making a child-sized Saoirse Shawl, a pair of lime green mittens, a beaded necklace or two, finishing my Laminaria, and some sewing! Yes, sewing! March is going to be great!

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