Friday, March 12, 2010

The Vegetable Revolution

I watched Jamie Oliver's TED acceptance speech yesterday. I highly recommend scraping together 20 minutes in your day to take a look at it - it took me a couple weeks to get around to it. But after watching it I realized some things. I want to eat better food. I want everybody to eat better food and know how to make it. I want to know how to make better food too, because I certainly have some things to learn myself. And I'm going to do it, because I deserve to eat better. You deserve to eat better. My family deserves real food, every day. And I'm going to learn right here where anybody can find it, and everybody can help and be helped. I have to re-learn to cook real food. I know some, and I'll share what I can and learn what I can.

My vegetable revolution began yesterday. I hope you'll learn and share with me.

Yesterday's haul:


That's a Roma tomato ($0.30), a bunch of kale ($2.49), "baby" green Vidalia onions ($1.79), two avocados ($2.78), and two zucchini (rung up as cucumbers, they cost $1.98). I don't like tomatoes so they will be lacking in our diet, but my husband likes them and I plan to use this one in tonight's dinner.

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