Wednesday, April 2, 2014

WIP Wednesday April 2, 2014

This is my big secret project.

It's secret in that everybody knows about it except for my six year old, Spike. But what is it you ask? As far as he knows, just a pile of squares.




But when Spike is at school, I get to work.



And today began here:


It's going to be the Granny Square Mario Bedspread, sized down a touch (by making 3-round grannies) and with the updated colors of blue overalls and red shirt. I'm whipstitching the squares together with their own color yarn (and still making the dark brown ones... but I can do that in the evenings). What you see here is most of some overalls and Mario's left shoulder.

Today during school Mario got a hand! But just before the bus gets here I have to roll it up and shove it into a bag, so I'll have to take a before picture tomorrow.

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  1. This is going to be SO COOL!!! I bet he'll be super surprised and excited. :) My Spike is never excited unless I have treats for him (he's a bunny, they are not excitable).