Monday, April 21, 2014

Monday Mario, Again

Spring Break is over and the birthday is fast approaching, so it's time to get down to business on this blanket. I took Mario to knit night last week for about 3 hours of work in the privacy of a busy coffee shop because he hadn't been out of the back of my closet in a week and I was getting twitchy.

Friday, before:

Friday, after: 

I wasn't there by myself at a huge table, I just avoided people in the first pic and we were all packing to go at closing time for the second. Really.

Today Spike went back to school and so after a celebratory really-big-cup-of-coffee I got to work.

Here goes nothing... a better view of today's start (I did a few squares on the remaining sleeve Friday night very late when Spike was thoroughly asleep).

And then this is how far I got before I had to roll it up and hide it again this afternoon:

That little foot belongs to Zee, Spike's 4 year old brother. This secret is safe with him! (He has a tendency to stick a foot into my photos though and I'm only just realizing it. I wonder why he does that?!?)

It feels like I'm getting somewhere on this guy now, and it really looks like Mario! I'll get a few hours to work on him tomorrow too but Wednesday-Friday this week I'll be reorganizing the yarn stash and using my kid-free hours to have yarn all over the house. Spike is a sound sleeper so maybe I can squeeze in some late night work!

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