Thursday, October 6, 2011

Back again...

How can two months fly by so quickly??

A quick rundown of what I've done since my last post:

- I finished two sweaters in July.
- I can no longer close the fiber drawer. This could be because it is stuffed, or because something fell behind it. Or both. Probably both.
- I spent the first 10 days of August hustling to finish two items for the fair that I'd entered when one was nearly finished and the other not begun. I finished everything..
- It paid off, because I won ribbons on all six categories I entered.
- Including the Grand Champion Wool Product.
- Holy crap.
- I made a sample for Bittersweet Woolery to display in her booth at various fiber fests this fall. It was an extremely rewarding experience as I finally got to meet the dye mistress and help her out too.
- September was kicked off in style with a trip to WEBS.
- It also was the beginning of my third term as Headmistress of the HPKCHC.
- Allergies were bad.
- Southern Adirondack Fiber Festival, however, was good!

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- ...............
- Sorry, got distracted looking at the fiber....
- Anyway, now it's October and the newest superfunawesome thing is that I'm up late and then up early because my kids are trending to different sleep schedules, which means that right now I need more coffee.
- And I joined the Tour de Sock to force myself to be a sock knitter. The competition benefits Doctors Without Borders, and the competition part is to try to stay in the game as there are deadlines for completing six pairs of socks in October and November.  This will effectively double the amount of handknit socks I've made since I started knitting socks in 2004. So far I should make it to Stage 2, but only if I stop talking and get to work!

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