Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Mom and Daughter Headbands


As part of a trade for some cloth diapers with my friend Mel I agreed to make her daughter some headbands. She hinted that a mother-daughter matching set would be nice, and after getting feedback on a couple patterns I got to work. I liked the look of pepperknit's Lace Headband but the lace pattern itself just wasn't lacy enough. I liked the lace from Persnickity Knitter's Arrowhead Headband but not that it was just grafted together into a fixed circumference. So I used the i-cord and increases from the Lace Headband and the lace chart from the Arrowhead Headband.


Sorry Zee. You can work this out in therapy in thirty years if you need to.

For the daughter version, I altered the arrowhead lace chart by removing the two stitches on each side of the center. This made it 7 stitches wide instead of 11, so it was appropriately daughter-sized.


A little closer on the lace here.


My Ravelry project page is here: Mom and Daughter Headbands.

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