Monday, March 3, 2014

These are the sleeves that never end...

I'm making a size 10 children's Wonderful Wallaby for Spike. He saw the one I made for Zee and asked for one, but with a red torso (he said torso) and sleeves, orange pocket, and blue hood. So of course I promised to make it happen!

But, this Wonderful Wallaby isn't feeling quite so wonderful right now in sleeve purgatory.


Here's a pic of the body.... I mean torso:


I'm making measurable progress, but I still have about three inches to go on these sleeves. Slowly. Surely. Just keep knitting!


  1. Lovely. Is that red red? I'm seeing more magenta and peach. I'm wondering how off my screen is.

    <3 "torso"

    1. In these pics it looks magenta and ... yeah some kinda weird orangey color. In reality it's a nice crimson and that orange that is bright but dialed back a little from "safety orange". I might call it almost pumpkin.