Sunday, October 28, 2012

October Madness

October is fast coming to a close! I'm making a dash for the finish line on hitting 50% complete on my OWL to get the 50 points set aside for that achievement, which means that this sweater back needs to start knitting itself a bit faster.


It's coming up purple, but it's actually a deep wine red.

The rest of it looks pretty much like this, except the sleeves are done now.


Chugging along.... I'm getting tons of cheering from my friends who want to see me succeed at this, which helps so much!

Meanwhile, it's October, which means that for fiber fiends such as myself in the Northeast it's Rhinebeck time!! This year I went both days and paired up with Barbara of Tumped Duck for the weekend's shenanigans.

We came, saw, and conquered. Barbara conquered a potato on a stick.

I saw a The Dude sweater in the wild (center, way far away) which was knitted in the same yarn I already have to make it with. I won't let it keep me down forever...

All in all the weekend was wonderful as always. I also got some goodies, of course.


click through for notes that label each one!

Now we get to dodge Frankenstorm! I'm in ACTION. I really hope we don't lose power for long, but at least I have plenty of yarn to entertain me. So there's that.

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